St. Louis woman after car accident

St. Louis Auto Wreck Attorney Discusses Skull Fractures

Although the skull bone is very sturdy, the extreme impact of a car accident can cause the skull to crack. A serious head injury from a car accident can cause a skull fracture. Although the skull bone is very sturdy, the extreme force of a crash impact can cause the skull to crack. When someone […]

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Dangers of Driving on Prescription Drugs – St. Louis Auto Injury Attorney

Alcohol accounts for around 37% of fatalities on the road. Drugs account for about 43% of fatalities. Tiger Woods was recently arrested for dangerous driving, allegedly due to an adverse reaction to prescription painkillers he was taking for back pain following surgery. One of the painkillers he was taking was allegedly Vicodin. This is known […]

St. Louis woman car accident concussion

How Long Does a Concussion Last? – St. Louis Auto Accident Attorney

FAQ: How long does a concussion last after a St. Louis car crash? Head injuries and concussions are extremely serious injuries that can occur even in low-speed accidents. While many modern automobiles come equipped with advanced and comprehensive safety features,  most people still have to rely on seatbelts, which are designed to protect the chest […]

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These Poor Driving Habits Cause Accidents – St. Louis Auto Wreck Attorneys

Poor driving habits are a concern everywhere. Here are some important reminders regarding how your habits impact the safety of yourself and others. compiles statistical data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to determine rankings of each state in the United States. Such a comparison was conducted last in 2011, where the […]

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Factors to Help Prove Fault – St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer

Proving fault for a St. Louis car wreck can be a very difficult thing to do. However, determining fault is vitally important for claiming compensation. Even if you, personally, know who was to blame, it has to be proven. Our St Louis car accident attorney explains that this proof needs to be beyond a doubt […]

Missouri man suffering from sleep apnea

How Sleep Apnea Relates to Car Crash Risk – St. Louis Attorneys

Sleep apnea patients often suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness, and have a much higher risk of getting into a car accident. Sleep apnea is a disorder that should not be ignored as it can cause a patient to stop breathing. While it may not seem immediately life threatening, it can make the life of an […]

Missouri Issues New Guidelines to Improve Pedestrian Safety

Missouri Issues New Guidelines to Improve Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians are obviously very vulnerable when walking near or on roadways. They share the roadways with motor vehicles, from small cars to large trucks, and have absolutely no protection in the event of an accident. Even a minor collision with a moving vehicle can cause catastrophic injuries to a pedestrian. Over the years, pedestrian safety […]

How Much Do Car Accidents Cost? – St. Louis Attorney

Car accidents are a common occurrence in the United States. While some of these accidents result in nothing more than minor bruises that can be easily treated, others result in serious injuries that require extensive and costly treatment. The total cost of car accidents is not limited to medical bills only. The cost of property […]

St. Louis woman car accident concussion

Hit and Run Laws in Missouri – St. Louis Car Accident Attorney

Hit and run drivers face serious legal consequences in Missouri. Hit and run accidents refer to an auto accidents where the driver at-fault leave the scene of the accident, after causing injuries and damage. Fleeing the accident scene can have both civil and criminal consequences. Knowing the hit and run laws in Missouri can help […]

Side Impact Collisions & Brain Injuries – St Louis Automobile Wreck Lawyers

Side impact accidents, also known as T-bone accidents, occur when vehicles form a T-shape when a vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. T-bone accidents are extremely common at intersections, however, they can also occur when drivers leave driveways and parking spaces, or hit the side of an oncoming car. Irrespective of where the collision […]