Car Accidents Caused by Semi-Trucks

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Semi-trucks can pose a serious danger to other vehicles on the road. Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers are not easy to drive and maneuver. Even some standard maneuvers are hard to execute because of their large size and weight. Truck drivers must exercise extreme care and consideration when making turns or entering lanes with merging traffic. Other motorists should understand why semi-truck … [Read more...]

A Victim’s Rights After a Car Accident

There has been a lot of attention in the news regarding the fatal car accident involving Olympic Gold Medalist winner Bruce Jenner. If eye witness accounts are correct, Bruce Jenner could be facing a civil wrongful death suit as a result of colliding with the back of a vehicle that was stuck in traffic at an intersection. If you have been injured in a similar rear end accident, or lost a family … [Read more...]

Missouri Hit and Run Car Accident – Is Obtaining Compensation Hopeless?

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It is especially frustrating when a driver causes a car crash and then cowardly leaves the scene of the accident. It is not unusual for a car accident claim to become complicated. When a car accident forces your vehicle off of the road or if you were forced off of the road by another car, it may be difficult to prove to the insurance company that you were not in the wrong. A St. Louis car … [Read more...]

Car Accidents in Dangerous Intersections

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Intersections are a common scene for car accidents, potentially causing life-threatening injuries. In the city of St. Louis and in its surrounding suburbs, intersections are a common scene for car accidents. The majority of these accidents are the result of an inattentive driver or one who disregards the rules of the road. If you were the recent victim of an intersection accident, a St. Louis … [Read more...]

Determining the Value of a Head Injury

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Calculating the correct settlement value of a head injury case can be a difficult thing to do. Head injuries can be minor or traumatic, they may be easily noticeable as open wounds or bumps, or they may be completely inconspicuous. Head injuries may result in brain damage, memory loss, and cognitive problems, along with behavioral and emotional changes that may seriously affect a person's … [Read more...]

Handling a Disputed Car Insurance Claim

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There are some insurance claims which are not resolved because both parties fail to agree on a settlement amount. Such cases can be resolved through arbitration or mediation before they go to court. Arbitration is a method wherein a third-party evaluates the settlement case and provides a decision on the value of the insurance claim. This method is used when the issue to be resolved involves … [Read more...]

Auto Accidents Involving a Leased Vehicle


It is not necessary that you own the vehicle involved in car accident to get compensation for all the injuries and damages suffered. Even if you were driving a leased vehicle, you can seek compensation for the damages under some circumstances. In this post, we will discuss what is involved in getting compensated for an auto accident involving a leased vehicle. You can file a claim for damages … [Read more...]

Things to Avoid When Involved in an Automobile Accident

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Significant proof can be acquired or maintained when you are aware of what to do when you are involved in a car accident resulting in injuries. It is also important to be aware of the things to avoid following the accident. Being involved in an automobile accident is nerve-wracking and can make it difficult to make sound decisions, especially when serious injuries are involved. However, a … [Read more...]

Getting Past a Deadlock with the Insurance Adjuster

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Arbitration is one of the methods to resolve disputes on the insurance settlement figures. It takes the place of a court case, and finds a solution through a third party that re-evaluates the case and offers a decision on the value of the insurance claim. If the policy holder and insurance company are required by the insurance policy to resolve differences of opinion through arbitration, then the … [Read more...]

How to Handle a St. Louis Hit and Run Accident


A hit and run car accident is one of the most frustrating types of car crashes a driver can be involved in. Hit and run drivers often leave their victims hurt at the scene of the accident, with no means to pay for the medical attention they are going to need. A St. Louis car accident attorney can assist you in recovering any out of pocket money you may have spent after being struck by this type … [Read more...]