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Left hand turns cause nearly 53% of car accidents.

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Left hand turns involve a lot of risks. It is a tricky maneuver which causes nearly 53 percent of the car accidents. This is ten times more than the right turn accidents. It is therefore important to understand the various left-turn scenarios that can cause accidents.

Left Turns Are Unavoidable

Left-hand turns cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is necessary to make all efforts to maneuver them carefully. You should be very composed and alert when you approach intersections. Avoid all sorts of distractions and direct all your attention to the road and your surroundings. Make decisions very carefully.

Four-way Stops

Many factors have to be considered while preparing for a left turn. When you come to a four-way stop, the car which stops first at an intersection can proceed first through the intersection.

The general rule is that all drivers should come to a complete stop at stop signs. They should proceed when the intersection can be entered safely.

Getting Waved Through

Sometimes, a friendly driver may not maintain the right-of-way and wave you through. This gesture may be appreciated. However, you need not act on it without first surveying the situation personally. Turn left only if you are sure that the action is totally safe for you and for others around you.

Similarly, think twice when you want to wave someone through while driving. In the past, some individuals have been held accountable for the injuries and damages incurred by other people because they waved to a driver to proceed.

You may be absolutely sure about the safety of the situation and wave to another driver but you do not know how the other driver may understand your gesture. So you must observe carefully and act wisely to prevent accidents.

Traffic Signals

Another situation in which you may make a left turn is at a busy intersection where there is no light (like an arrow) to explicitly indicate a turn. At a standard traffic signal, you can enter the intersection when the light becomes green and wait for the oncoming traffic to clear out before making a turn. If the light becomes red before you can actually turn you can continue to wait until all the approaching traffic stops. Traffic rules state that the oncoming traffic is expected to yield to a car which is waiting to turn at the intersection.

Another thing to be kept in mind while turning left at a traffic signal is to see if there are any pedestrians around. Many times, drivers tend to focus on the approaching traffic and do not notice the pedestrians who are on the road. When a car hits another car it is very damaging, however when a car hits a pedestrian the consequences are even worse.

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