Car Accident Lawyers – How Seasonal Affective Disorder Affects Driving

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD is a severe type of winter disorder common in many parts of US.

Many people tend to suffer from this disorder when winters settles in. Researchers believe this could be caused by darker winter days, snow, or genes. Even if you live in a sunshine state that receives a good amount of sunshine throughout the year, people can still suffer from this disorder.

Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

There are several reasons why people might experience SAD, although it might not be as cold and snowy as it is in other parts of the country. The time after the holiday season can lead to stress and disappointment for many individuals. The pressure of returning to work, and keeping New Year resolutions can make things worse. As seasons change, it may lead to stress for the body.

Individuals who suffer from Season Affective Disorder (SAD) can experience a wide range of symptoms including:

  • Feeling of moodiness and sluggishness
  • Changes in eating habits and patterns
  • Fatigue
  • Feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Problem concentrating and thinking
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Loss of interest in hobbies

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Car Accidents

If you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), you could be at a greater risk of being involved in a St. Louis car accident, especially if you are having trouble concentrating or sleeping. If you cannot concentrate on the task at hand, because of your condition, you may be driving distracted. If you have sleep disruptions or feel fatigued, your response times could be slower, and you may even fall asleep behind the wheel.

How Can Individuals with SAD Avoid St. Louis Car Accidents?

If are feeling low at this time of the year, you can make some efforts to address this disorder and thereby decrease your chance of being involved in a car accident:

Get some exercise: Sunshine can be a natural cure for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), especially when you combine it with exercise. Whenever possible, go out for a swim, walk, hike or some other outdoor activity.

Relieve stress through social interaction: Spend some time with loved ones as it can help reduce stress and fight loneliness.

Seek medical attention if necessary: If you are finding it difficult to perform normal activities, and experiencing sleep disturbances, you should seek medical attention. Ignoring your symptoms can put you at a high risk of car accident and workplace injuries.

Eat healthy: Do not rely on junk food to beat your depression. Instead adopting a healthy diet that can improve your overall health. Eating empty calories or eating too much can aggravate SAD symptoms and contribute to feelings of sluggishness.

St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by a negligent, distracted, or fatigued driver, you may have a claim. You should discuss your case with a competent St Louis Automobile Accident Attorney, who can educate you about your rights and help get you rightful compensation. Call (314) 361-4242 to discuss your claim with an experienced attorney free of charge.

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