Car Accidents in Dangerous Intersections

Intersections are a common scene for car accidents, potentially causing life-threatening injuries.

In the city of St. Louis and in its surrounding suburbs, intersections are a common scene for car accidents. The majority of these accidents are the result of an inattentive driver or one who disregards the rules of the road. If you were the recent victim of an intersection accident, a St. Louis car accident attorney may be able to help you recover the damages caused by a negligent driver at a dangerous intersection.

Approach an Intersection with Caution

One of the most common rules of the road that is neglected at a dangerous intersection is to always approach the intersection with caution, even when you have the right of way. A driver needs to be aware of the surroundings at all times, and when approaching a busy intersection, the number of variables increases immediately. If a driver does not adjust their speed and pay attention, an accident may happen.

Distracted driving is a leading cause of these types of accidents today. Electronic gadgets that pull drivers away from the road distract from the dangers that an intersection brings. Text messaging, whether reading or writing, has become one of the top causes of these types of accidents. If you believe that the other driver’s inattentiveness was the cause for your dangerous intersection car accident, contact a St. Louis car accident attorney immediately.

Injuries Sustained in Dangerous Intersection Car Accidents

There is a potential for serious bodily injury in an intersection car crash. If the accident occures while going through the intersection, the impact may be to the side, directly hitting the driver or passenger. Broken bones, head trauma, and internal injuries are a common result. Worse still is when the center of the impact is at either end of the car, spinning it into oncoming traffic.

Left-hand turn accidents are another typical dangerous intersection scenario, where a driver attempts crossing through a lane or multiple lanes of oncoming traffic. These are also side impact collisions, but will cause the most damage to any passenger who takes the brunt of the impact. Again, there may be head trauma, cuts and bruising, broken bones, and internal organ damage as a result.

Dangerous Intersection Collisions and Car Accident Lawsuits

When it comes to intersection accidents, the first question that arises is who is to blame. Did a driver fail to obey a red light or make a turn without verifying that there was no oncoming traffic? Often, these cases rely heavily on witness testimony and accident scene specialists to help determine the events that lead to the accident and who is to blame. Protect your legal rights by consulting with a St. Louis car accident attorney. This should be done while the evidence is still fresh and witnesses recollections are strong. The faster you resolve the question of who was liable, the quicker you will be able to file your claim and receive your compensation.

Bring your dangerous intersection accident report to The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at (314) 361-4242. With our experience, we will help you receive the right compensation for the damages that you suffered.

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