Crash Taxes Levied on Unsuspecting Drivers

Auto accidents are unpleasant, especially when the crash is caused by the carelessness of another.

But it is even worse when a bill arrives weeks later that charges a fee for the emergency help that arrived on the scene after the accident.

In an article on MSN Money, reporter Peter Lewis writes that towns, cities and counties in at least 24 states are considering so-called accident response fees. Private vendors are promoting the crash taxes at city council meetings and police and fire chief conventions. They often arrive with a model ordinance and a proposal to take a 10 percent cut of the money collected.

“Insurance trade groups estimate the typical bill for nonmedical accident response fees at between $100 and $300, although some run considerably higher. Ordinances establishing crash response fees typically distinguish between resident and nonresident, who’s at fault and who has insurance. They usually go after out-of-towners, especially if there’s an interstate highway nearby that spurs the bulk of accident responses.”

Fortunately for Missouri residents, the state has banned the practice. But that doesn’t mean that Missouri drivers involved in an accident in other states won’t receive a bill.

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