Driver Who Survived Initial Crash Killed by Semi

A chain-reaction crash on an icy interstate in Warren County, Missouri led to the death of a 50-year-old man from North Carolina, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

On Tuesday, Edwin W. Sargent slid off the highway and struck a Chevrolet that had already slid into the median. Sargent exchanged information with the other driver and took cell phone photos of the accident.

Two 18-wheelers came over a hill, lost control and slammed into each other. One of the trucks struck Sargent. The driver of the Chevrolet had already gotten back in his vehicle when his car was also hit but one of the big rigs. He was seriously injured.

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, more than a dozen vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction accident.

According to an article from the Red Cross, 70 percent of automobile accidents resulting in death are ice or snow-related. Another 25 percent of winter deaths are attributed to people being caught out in a storm.

When winter travelers are caught in a storm, it is recommended that they stay in the car. Many people die while trying to walk to safety. Stranded drivers should tie a piece of cloth to the antenna and run the car, using the heater, every 10 minutes each hour. The interior light should stay on while the engine is running and people should move their arms and legs to prevent hypothermia.

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