Head injuries in St. Louis may one day be detected by a blood test

Brain injury patients in St. Louis may one day receive a relatively simple blood test that could predict whether the head injury is a serious one.

According to Science Daily, two recently published studies indicate that blood tests of the S-100B serum protein biomarker conducted within four hours of an injury accurately predicts which patients will suffer head trauma such as a hemorrhage or skull fracture.

The test takes approximately 20 minutes and avoids unnecessary radiation exposure associated with CT Scans. Although CT Scans are the accepted screening tool in the United States, researchers found that 95 percent of the scans look normal for patients with a relatively mild by potentially life-changing injury.

The studies, published in the Journal of Neurotrauma and the Annals of Emergency Medicine, looked at a blood test that is already routinely used in 16 European countries. The U.S. researchers announced they will continue to look into the accuracy of the blood test this by studying 1,500 patients.

Motor vehicle accidents account for about 28 percent of all traumatic brain injuries. Of all brain injuries severe enough to require hospitalization, almost 50 percent were linked to car crashes. If the researchers are able to confirm the findings and Food and Drug Administration approves the blood test, it could help prevent the serious, long term effects associated with auto accident head injuries.

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