How an Accident Attorney Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

While car insurance is a good way of protecting drivers when they are in a car crash, it can also be limiting when it comes time to collect on it.

Insurance policies have limits, which the owner of the policy chooses when they sign on. Generally speaking, the higher the limit, the higher the premium, which is why many drivers will just buy the bare minimum required by Missouri law.

It may come as a surprise to you that in some cases where liability is clear, and expensive injuries were sustained, the victim is only offered a small settlement. This is because despite the extent or circumstances of an accident, the driver’s insurance company is protected from large payouts by the limits set forth in the policy.

While policy limits essentially tie an attorney’s hands with that policy, there are other avenues to pursue that can help the victim of a car accident obtain more compensation. One way is with your own insurance policy, if you had the foresight to purchase uninsured-underinsured coverage. An attorney will also look at homeowner insurance policies, which sometimes carry personal liability protection for the policy owner. Depending on the terms, this could be used to meet the financial damages sustained by a car accident victim.

Another insurance avenue that a Missouri car accident attorney will look for is an umbrella policy. This is a separate type of insurance that provides the policy holder with liability coverage above and beyond what the car insurance policy does. These types of policies are usually purchased by individuals who have a lot to lose if they were to be sued. Holders of this type of insurance may not readily give out the details, and the carrier is not going to come forward on their own, leaving it up to a Missouri car accident attorney to uncover its presence and leave the holder no choice but to use it to cover the costs of your injury.

The key to recovering a fair settlement for a car accident victim is in knowing where and how to look for alternative insurance options. This is where a Missouri car accident attorney’s expertise will be most beneficial to a car accident victim.

Missouri Car Accident Attorney

Rather than settle for an amount that barely touches the surface of your costs, fight for recovering your full financial losses with the help of a Missouri car accident attorney. They know how the insurance industry works, and how to get around the policy limits so that you are fully compensated.

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