How Loose Items in Your Car Can Become Deadly

Car accidents are a harsh reality that drivers face every day.

The biggest misfortune is that a large percentage of car accidents are avoidable. Drunk driving, distracted driving, recklessness, and road rage are common causes of accidents. Even though most of us are aware of this, we still take these risks. There are uncommon causes of car accidents as well and by being aware of these causes we may be able to prevent a number of accidents. One such cause of car accidents is loose objects inside the car.

Loose Items Are Dangerous

Are you aware that loose items in your vehicle could be very dangerous and cause accidents or lead to injuries in the event of a crash? Loose items in the car can become trapped under the pedals, leading to a fatal car accident. Imagine a situation when you are driving towards an intersection and suddenly the cell phone charger that you had placed on the dashboard close to the steering wheel falls down and the cord becomes tangled. You may be able to untangle the cord, but even a slight delay can cause you to lose control of the vehicle and cause a collision. Other loose objects, such as a water bottle, can cause a dangerous situation for drivers and passengers alike.

Safety Tips to Prevent Potential Harm

  • Before you operate your vehicle, make sure there are no objects on the dash.
  • Keep water bottles and other such objects in their designated places such as a cup holder.
  • In case you are carrying luggage, secure everything with straps.
  • If traveling with pets, secure them in a kennel.
  • Before you start driving, check if the floor mats are placed correctly and not piled under the pedals.

According to available reports, unrestrained objects in vehicles are responsible for causing more than 13,000 injuries every year. Injuries can be caused by both small and large objects. Small objects such as soda cans and water bottles, and larger items such as luggage can cause injuries alike. It has been shown that such items are extremely dangerous in the course of a crash. There have been cases when items such as suitcases have caused serious injuries such as fractures and amputations.

St. Louis Automobile Accident Lawyer

Loose objects in your car can cause injury to you and to others sharing the road with you. If you get injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness, get help from a St. Louis automobile accident lawyer. Call The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at (314) 361-4242 for a case evaluation.

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