How to Handle a St. Louis Hit and Run Accident

A hit and run car accident is one of the most frustrating types of car crashes a driver can be involved in.

Hit and run drivers often leave their victims hurt at the scene of the accident, with no means to pay for the medical attention they are going to need. A St. Louis car accident attorney can assist you in recovering any out of pocket money you may have spent after being struck by this type of cowardly driver. Bring your medical records and insurance information to an attorney today to find you if you are entitled to be compensated for those injuries.

Hit and Run Accidents

A hit and run car accident is defined as one where a driver causes injury to person or property of another and then flees the scene. The law in Missouri states that any person involved in any form of car accident must provide his name, address and drivers license number to the other party or a law enforcement officer. Far too often though, this law is ignored by drivers who are trying to avoid prosecution for drunk driving or even for driving not licensed or are uninsured.

Seeking Compensation for a Hit and Run Accident

When you are involved in a hit and run accident, you will often need to seek compensation from your own automobile insurance policy. A hit and run accident generally falls under the same category as uninsured driver insurance. This is a portion of your insurance policy protecting you from exactly this type of circumstance.

Even though it is your own insurance company that you have been paying premiums to for years, don’t expect that they are just going to hand the money over. Most of the time you will need the expertise of a car accident lawyer to persuade an insurance company to fork over your rightful compensation. For example, in a hit and run case that made it all the way to the Missouri court of appeals, a driver who had suffered massive head and orthopedic injuries had been told by her insurance company that the case was only worth $500,000. While the initial jury agreed, the appeals court sided with the victim and awarded her $1.75 million.

Don’t expect the insurance company to just take you at your word either. Most will demand proof that there was another car involved, and that you didn’t just hit a mailbox or some other fixed object. If at all possible try and gather as much information at the scene of the accident to avoid that from happening to you. The best evidence you can present is eyewitnesses, so try and get the names and numbers of as many as you can. Pictures will also help show how the accident happened. It is also imperative that you call the police. An insurance company will generally scoff at a hit and run claim that is not accompanied by a police report.

Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyer in St. Louis

While being the victim of a hit and run car accident is a terrible feeling, don’t despair and think that you have no hope in recovering your damages. A qualified St. Louis car accident attorney will be able to help you fight your insurance company to get you the compensation that your monthly premiums entitle you to.

If you have been involved in a Missouri auto accident contact our law firm by calling (314) 361-4242 or contact us online to see if you have a valid claim for compensation.


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