Kansas Couple Wins $23.5M Judgment Arising out of Truck Collision

A jury in Wichita awarded a Kansas couple $23.5 million for injuries arising out of crash involving two tractor-trailers, the Wichita Business Journal reports.

The accident occurred on a rural New Mexico highway on March 16, 2006. Terry Frederick was riding in a Yellow Freight semi when it collided into the back of a Swift Transportation tractor-trailer. Frederick suffered a severe spinal cord injury. Dennis Bottorff, the driver of the Yellow Freight truck, was killed in the accident.

It was alleged that the Swift driver, who tested positive for methamphetamine’s in a drug test administered after the accident, caused the accident when she tried to back up from a rest stop and onto a highway.

The jury concluded that the Swift driver was 65 percent at fault for the accident so the judge reduced the award to $15.3 million.

Most truckers are safe drivers who understand the risks they face on the highway. Unfortunately, there are truck drivers on the road who are not operating safely. Truck accidents are commonly caused by driver fatigue, failure to follow safety guidelines, failure to properly load the truck or secure cargo, overloading and using alcohol or drugs while driving.

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