Passing Car Triggers Deadly Crash

An elderly man who passed a car in front of him on the highway triggered a chain reaction crash that left two people dead and one person seriously hurt, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Floyd Bowman, 78, was traveling south on Highway 79 in St. Charles County. His car came up behind another southbound vehicle driven by Earl Fetters, 70. Fetters’ 65-year-old wife, Bernice, was also in the car.

Bowman passed Fetters’ car and then side-swiped an oncoming auto driven by Bruce Cannon. Cannon, 53, then lost control of his vehicle and slammed into Fetters’ car. Earl Fetters and Cannon were killed. Bernice Fetters was seriously injured. Bowman was not hurt.

The news report does not indicate whether any citations were written or charges were filed as a result of the deadly crash.

Every year, countless numbers of people are injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents. In 1997, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration conducted a national survey on aggressive driving. The survey found: In addition to unsafe speeds, other types of unsafe driving commonly encountered were weaving in and out of traffic (24%), tailgating (17%), driver inattention (15%), unsafe lane changes (10%), unsafe passing (9%), ignoring stop signs (8%), failing to yield (6%), drinking and driving (5%), and running red lights (5%).

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