Prime Time for Deer-Car Crashes

From late October through December, the deer population in Missouri is on the move. Unfortunately, it is also the peak time for deer-vehicle collisions, the Columbia Tribune reports.

There are several reasons for the activity: mating season, deer are on the run from hunters, and farmers bringing in the harvest push deer from their cover.

A Missouri Highway Patrol database reveals that there were nearly 11,000 deer-vehicle collisions in 2007. Of that amount, 3,419 were reported to law enforcement agencies. The Missouri Department of Conservation counted another 7,454 deer in road kill reports. Five motorists were killed. Most deer strikes happen between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m.

It isn’t just a rural problem. Last year, 29 percent of the deer strikes were in urban areas and the eight highest-ranking counties were in and around the Kansas City and St. Louis metro areas.
Highway Patrol Capt. Tim Hull provided some tips on how motorists should react when a deer unexpectedly appears on the road.

“‘Too many people swerve to avoid the deer and end up going off the road. Slow down as much as possible and steer straight. It’s going to do much less damage’ than going off the road or rolling the vehicle over.”

In addition to driving straight, motorists are advised to stay calm and buckle up.

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