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Proving fault for a St. Louis car wreck can be a very difficult thing to do.

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However, determining fault is vitally important for claiming compensation. Even if you, personally, know who was to blame, it has to be proven. Our St Louis car accident attorney explains that this proof needs to be beyond a doubt and can often be difficult to ascertain.

There are several ways in which fault for a car crash can be established.

One of the most important items when deciding the fault of a car accident is the police report. The police report will give information that can be relied upon. Police officials are used to seeing car accidents, in most cases they are likely not suffering from the emotions associated with a trauma that the people involved may be. The police report will have notes on who the police officers believe is responsible. They will speak to the people involved, and to any witnesses who happened to see the crash. To ensure that none of the drivers are intoxicated, it is pretty routine to breathalyze any drivers involved in a crash. This can sometimes very clearly indicate who is to blame if a driver turns out to be over the limit.

If you are in a St. Louis car wreck and can prove that you were following the traffic laws, but the other driver wasn’t, then things are heavily weighted in your favor. The traffic laws should be obeyed by every driver without exception and the law takes a dim view of anyone who doesn’t abide by them.

If you are hit from behind, it is likely the fault of the driver behind you. It is most likely that they have been too close to you and so were unable to brake in time to stop crashing into you. However, if it found that your brake lights are faulty for example, then the blame could shift back to you for the collision.

Sometimes everyone involved in an accident agrees whose fault it was. You may know that you were at fault. You know you were drowsy or distracted. But, when no one is prepared to take the blame, when everyone thinks it is the fault of the other driver, it often comes down to the work of the police or accident reconstruction experts to determine who is at fault.

If you are involved in a car accident it’s wise to immediately contact a St Louis car accident attorney who can work on your behalf to discover who is to blame. If it is you then they can help you through the process, if it is the other party, they may be able to help make a claim for compensation.

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