Run Off the Road By a Large Tractor Trailer

While traveling on major highways it is always in your best interest to avoid close proximity with large commercial trucks.

At a much higher elevation than a passenger vehicle, a truck driver has a very limited view of the road around him. Even with the multitude of mirrors employed, there will still be blind spots. Responsibility lies with the driver of the truck to ensure that there are no other vehicles around him before he makes a lane change. If you were recently injured when a semi side swiped your vehicle or ran you off of the road, you may have the right to seek compensation. Contact a St. Louis auto accident attorney to see if you have legitimate claim.

One million dollars was the amount settled on when a Missouri driver was side swiped by a tractor trailer attempting to change lanes. The sudden maneuver by the truck driver caused the plaintiff to be run off of the highway. He suffered a multitude of grave injuries including brain trauma, broken bones in his face, internal organ damage and an eye injury. In this instance, the truck driver was held liable for not noting the presence of the smaller vehicle before changing lanes.

A good rule of thumb to remember when traveling closely with 18 wheelers is that if you are unable to see the driver, he cannot see you. Even in the mirrors. If you find yourself in this position either speed up or slow down until you are either out of the way of the truck or sure that the driver is able to spot you in his mirror.

Missouri Truck Accidents

Tractor Trailers and other large commercial trucks account for approximately 500,000 vehicular accidents in the United States each year. Ten percent of those end with at least one fatality, and in eighty percent of those, it is the driver of the passenger vehicle who suffers life ending injury.

When you consider the logistics, it is easy to understand why. A tractor trailer can weigh up to 40 times more than your typical motor vehicle. Add to that its 80,000 pound weight and the speed at which they are usually traveling, and it is no wonder that truck accidents cause so many deaths. As a responsible motorist, it is up to you to avoid being part of that statistic by avoiding situations that could potential lead up to an accident.

St. Louis Car Crash Attorneys

With a long list of rules and regulations handed down by the federal government to help protect the average motorist, a car crash lawyer can review an accident case and help you determine if liability played a part in your injury. Accident re-enactments can be made to recreate the scene and may help determine who is to blame. If there is reason to believe that the truck driver or his company acted recklessly or with little regard to life than the attorney will help your file a claim for compensation. Medical expenses can add up fast after a truck accident, the sooner you get compensated for the injury, the quicker you can have those paid off.

Contact a car accident lawyer today if you have been involved in an automobile accident. Call (314) 361-4242 to schedule a free consultation.


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