Serious Injuries Resulting From Commercial Truck Accidents

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An accident between a car and a truck can result in serious injuries. Most often it is the occupants of the car which bear the brunt and are severely or fatally injured. These injuries may be life altering for the victim, turning even simple day-to-day tasks into difficult challenges.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries occur when the head hits an object with great speed. The data of car accidents collected over the years has indicated that brain-related injuries are a leading cause of death of children who are less than four years old. If the brain injury is non-fatal, toddlers and young children may still be severely affected with future physical or cognitive disabilities.


A coma can result from various conditions or events, such as traumatic head injury, intoxication, central nervous system disorders, and abnormalities in metabolism. A common cause of coma is a reduced supply of oxygen to the brain. The reduced oxygen supply to the brain can result from serious cardio-pulmonary conditions like a heart attack which can be caused by a serious car accident.

Organ Damage

Damage to internal organs can result from high speed impacts in traffic accidents especially involving cars and trucks. The organ most often affected is the spleen. The spleen is located in the upper-left region of the abdomen and is a critical organ which filters the blood and removes damaged blood cells and platelets. A ruptured spleen may be life threatening.


Hemorrhage is commonly called internal bleeding and is caused when there is a loss of blood from the vascular system to any internal cavity. Hemorrhage is generally caused by blunt force trauma after colliding with a truck or a large vehicle. Hemorrhage is a serious condition which can easily turn life threatening whenever there is heavy blood loss. The stomach, lungs, and brain are commonly affected by hemorrhage in high speed car accidents with large vehicles. An internal hemorrhage can cause a catastrophic and fatal heart attack in the victim.

Compound Fractures

A compound fracture is when the bone pierces the skin causing extreme pain and bleeding. A compound fracture is a serious condition as the protruding bone can easily become infected causing further complications. The severity of damage and the angle of the broken bone determine the further course of treatment. Usually a fractured bone can be set right by a physician; however, there are certain extremely serious bone fractures which may require surgery.


The impact of a St. Louis auto accident can be so severe that a victim’s limb may get severed. Accidental amputation of a limb is an extremely traumatic experience and excessive blood loss can result in the victim’s death.

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