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How an Accident Attorney Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

While car insurance is a good way of protecting drivers when they are in a car crash, it can also be limiting when it comes time to collect on it. Insurance policies have limits, which the owner of the policy chooses when they sign on. Generally speaking, the higher the limit, the higher the premium, […]

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Handling a Disputed Car Insurance Claim

There are some insurance claims which are not resolved because both parties fail to agree on a settlement amount. Such cases can be resolved through arbitration or mediation before they go to court. Arbitration is a method wherein a third-party evaluates the settlement case and provides a decision on the value of the insurance claim. This method […]

Things to Avoid When Involved in an Automobile Accident

Significant proof can be acquired or maintained when you are aware of what to do when you are involved in a car accident resulting in injuries. It is also important to be aware of the things to avoid following the accident. Being involved in an automobile accident is nerve-wracking and can make it difficult to […]

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Getting Past a Deadlock with the Insurance Adjuster

Arbitration is one of the methods to resolve disputes on the insurance settlement figures. It takes the place of a court case, and finds a solution through a third party that re-evaluates the case and offers a decision on the value of the insurance claim. If the policy holder and insurance company are required by […]

Crash Taxes Levied on Unsuspecting Drivers

Auto accidents are unpleasant, especially when the crash is caused by the carelessness of another. But it is even worse when a bill arrives weeks later that charges a fee for the emergency help that arrived on the scene after the accident. In an article on MSN Money, reporter Peter Lewis writes that towns, cities […]