STL car accident

Things to Consider After a Car Accident

A car accident victim has the right to file a lawsuit and claim compensation for the losses he has suffered due to another person’s misconduct. However, it is often his personal decision as to whether he wants to go to the courtroom or not. The victim will of course have to figure out the relative […]

tractor trailer accident in MIssouri

Run Off the Road By a Large Tractor Trailer

While traveling on major highways it is always in your best interest to avoid close proximity with large commercial trucks. At a much higher elevation than a passenger vehicle, a truck driver has a very limited view of the road around him. Even with the multitude of mirrors employed, there will still be blind spots. […]

Rural Road Safety

When it comes to crashes on Missouri highways, the chances that an accident will be a fatal one dramatically increase if it happens on a rural roadway. According to the traffic crash statistics released by the Missouri Department of Transportation for 2007, 700 fatal crashes occurred on the state’s highways. Seventy-one percent of those crashes […]