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Distracted Driving a Leading Cause of Accidents Involving Teens

Getting a driver’s license is one of the biggest moments in a teenager’s life as it gives them a sense of freedom and accomplishment. It is important for the teens to understand that the freedom comes with responsibility. Due to inexperience, many young drivers fail to understand how dangerous an automobile can be when a […]

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More Teen Deaths Due to Texting and Driving

It is critical to never text while operating your vehicle, for the sake of your passengers and the drivers around you. In recent years we have become aware of the dangers of texting while driving. We know the consequences that can result from glancing down at our phones for only a few seconds. However, shocking […]

Teen Driving Age Debated

A recommendation to raise the age for getting a driver’s license from 16 to 17 or 18 is sure to generate a lot of debate. On Sept. 9, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released a report that called for states to delay licensure for teens. That same day, the president of the research group […]

Teen Drivers and Texting – Texting and Driving Lawyer St. Louis

Teenagers who send text messages while driving not only place themselves in danger, they run the risk of hurting, even killing, other motorists.   In a survey of 1,000 teenagers conducted by AAA last summer, 61 percent admitted to risky driving habits. Of that 61 percent, 46 percent said they text message while driving and […]