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Poor driving habits are a concern everywhere. Here are some important reminders regarding how your habits impact the safety of yourself and others.

missouri driver with hands on wheel compiles statistical data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to determine rankings of each state in the United States. Such a comparison was conducted last in 2011, where the state of Missouri ranked the second worst state for driving safety and crash rates. The recent comparison shows that the state ranks 14th, a definite improvement from being the second worst.

However, it is important to understand how a state gets categorized among the worst for driver safety and crash rate statistics. These rankings are based on five pieces of NHTSA crash rate data. They are –

  1. The number of fatalities found per 100 million miles traveled
  2. Number of charges of failure to obey traffic rules (the percentage of fatal crashes caused due to non-adherence to  traffic rules like wearing seat belts, following signal, invalid driver’s license, etc.)
  3. The percentage of crashed caused due to DUI (fatalities due to drunken driving)
  4. Number of speeding charges and percent of fatalities caused due to them
  5. Percentage of careless driving, that is, pedestrian / cyclist fatalities per 100,000 populations.

Faring poorly in multiple categories can put a state among the top worst driving states in the US. The data also showed that of the states faring poorly in the speeding category (those among the 20 worst states for speeding), almost all made it to the worst overall top ten. Moreover, states ranking higher for careless driving were most predictably among the worst of the list.

The state of Missouri ranks 11th worst in the US for speeding.

Working towards a better rank

The individual drivers in a state, all contribute towards this ranking. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of each individual to try and make their roads safer for driving. Adhering to traffic and safety rules and improving their driving habits a great way to start! Here are few points that drivers should always keep in mind

  • Avoid speeding – Speeding surely causes car accidents with serious injuries and fatalities. Maintain and respect speed limits.
  • Avoid distractions – Usage of mobile phones, smartphones and other electronic distractions while driving can cause accidents. Nothing is more precious than life!
  • Avoid tail-gating – Drivers should ensure there is enough space maintained on all sides of the car to allow enough time and space to avoid a frontal collision, or enough room at the side to escape.
  • Avoid driving while tired – Many accidents are caused when drivers doze off behind the wheel. Drivers should know when they are tired and avoid driving if they have not had enough sleep.
  • Avoid impaired driving – DUI of alcohol or drugs is illegal and causes fatal accidents. Drivers should make sure that even prescribed medication is safe for while driving, else it is best to have a designated driver, or take a cab.

Despite obvious warnings, accidents still happen. If you are involved in a Missouri auto accident, get in touch with an experienced attorney by calling (314) 361-4242. We can evaluate your case free of charge and help you determine what the best steps to take are to move forward.


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